Bookworm’s Review Page

Hey Everyone (waves)

Welcome to my ‘Bookworm’s Review Page’ – over the coming months, this site will be populated with reviews of books.  Books I have been privileged enough to receive an advance copy of, and books I have loved for some time and which have had a long-lasting effect on me.

The bent shelf with old dampened books in an abandoned library. Focus on the center of the frame, shallow depth of field

Let me start by saying – I don’t believe in posting a negative (1-3 star) review of a book.  I don’t believe myself either important enough or influential enough to take someone’s art and go ‘Nah! Not for me!’ Some of you might draw a breath at this, but this site is for discussing and promoting books and other topics that I love… isn’t that what a blog should be for?

On the flip-side, I don’t throw 5 star reviews around like confetti, either. If I give a book full marks, it’s because it affected me. As in, it made me cry, it made me howl, it made me shiver, and in some cases, it made me nauseous. I love a good murder mystery. I spent 8 years at uni reading scores of titles, from classic to contemporary, and while I’m no professional, and while I don’t write for the broadsheets and glossies (one day, maybe!), I know what I like in a book, and what quality means to me.

I look for authenticity in character. Your lead could be a grey unicorn from outer space, saving the giraffes from extinction – but if you give your unicorn soul, I’m going to love you for it! I look for continuity of plot- whether you’re a twisty page-turner, or a slow-burning story, drag me into your world.

I really appreciate authors who handle contemporary issues with sensitivity, rather than sensationalising for the sake of copy numbers. I also appreciate the fact you’re grabbing the world by the balls and bringing these issues to the fore in your work, too.

There’s a saying ‘we all have a book in us’, and I heartily believe this to be true. Maybe one day I will put pen to paper. But until then, I’ll just continue to doff my cap to those who are passionate and brave enough to put their work out there for others to enjoy. And thank you, sincerely, to the authors that don’t mind me popping up and asking questions when I have a ‘lightbulb’ moment while reading – I hope this only adds to the quality of my work. It’s much appreciated.

There’s no particular genre I love more than the other, though for some reason I seem to be inhaling crime and thrillers at the moment – so many fab new releases out! So please, whatever you have, send it my way. I can’t promise I will be the most prolific reviewer, life and all that gets in the way, but I can 110% guarantee that every book I am handed will be read from cover to cover, with copious notes and key phrases highlighted, and that my final blog post will have been the result of several hours’ work. And I also admit to having a sticky tab obsession!


With thanks to Lisa Cutts and Schuster & Schuster UK Ltd., for this copy of ‘Lost Lives’ (Blog Tour 19 January 2019)



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