Old Treasure

There is one little book I own, that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s priceless – to no one, except for me. It’s a 1912 original first edition…. well, it’s the only edition.  It’s an autograph book, given to me by my great-grandmother. It’s a beautiful little leather book. And there’s no autographs in it.

Eliza handed this book around her friendship circle, and invited her acquaintances to write little entries inside.  It’s a book full of heart-warming poetry, little scribbles and some drawings, and I simply adore it.  I hope you do too.  These are a few of my favourite pages.


I love that she apologises for her drawing skills…

There is a word, one little word, In loving hearts ’tis dear, In English ’tis ‘forget-me-not’, In French ’tis ‘souvenir’
A little word in kindness spoken, A motion or a tear, Has often healed a heart thats broken, And made a friend sincere.

See, there was even #mentalhealthawareness back in 1913!

‘Pick out the folks you like the least, and watch them for a while. They never waste a kindly word, they never waste a smile. They criticise their fellow men, at every chance they get. They never found a human, just to suit their fancy yet’

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How cute is this little ‘Contents of a Lady’s Dressing Table’??

Of of her friends actually took the time to make cut out flaps.  Under each item found on a 1920’s dressing table, is a corresponding character trait.  So for example, ‘white paint’ (I have no idea, do you?) becomes Innocence.  ‘A mirror’ becomes Reflection, and ‘A water to smooth wrinkles’ becomes Contentment. A definite nod to being just at peace with yourself.

‘When you are married, Happy may you be, Blest with little children, 1-2-3. One to wash the dishes, one to sweep the floor, one to rock the cradle, if there’s any more.’


This final poem is my favourite, and one I always remember. Isn’t this just someone we should all try and live by? I know it’s super-idealistic in this day and age.. but ahh bisto, it warms the heart doesn’t it?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these as much as I do, and as much as the people who wrote them enjoyed creating them. This isn’t the full collection, just a sample of my favourites.  If you want to see more, drop me a comment and I’ll pick some out for you.

Shell x

‘If we noticed little pleasures, As we notice little pains, If we quite forgot our losses, and remembered all our gains, If we looked for people’s virtues, and their faults refused to see, What a comfortable, happy, cheerful place this world would be.’


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