Mental….. health

We all have it, but we don’t tend to think about it – mental health.

It’s like when you feel well physically, you totally take it for granted. We do the same with our mental health. Until something goes wrong.

I remember when I first felt the twitch of mental ill health. I lost someone who I thought, stupidly was ‘the love of my life’. And then decided that the best way to get them back would be to neck a bottle of pills, wash them down with vodka and call them. Did I think it would work? Absolutely. Did it work? Did it f**k. I was admitted to hospital for the night, where nurses filled me with some toxic charcoal fluid to detox my insides. I was then fitted to a drip and sent to the corner of a dank ward, where I heard the whispers of ‘a waste of a bed’, ‘bloody cries for help’, and other helpful comments.

A childhood trauma left me with undiagnosed PTSD at the age of 8.  Unfortunately, I was 8 in the 1980’s, where in Yorkshire, you got swept under the rug, and mental health and other taboos were never mentioned again. I was wrapped in cotton wool and never wanted for anything. Unfortunately, this left me with deep rooted issues and a need for rebellion, and I spent a greater part of my late teens acting like a complete tw@t and hanging ‘with the wrong crowd’, and completely screwing up my A levels in the process.

People think mental health is about depression, psychosis and schizophrenia. This is what we learn from the media, who fill us with sensationalised stories designed to provoke fear – fear sells copies. What the media don’t tell you is that, unless it is recognised and treated, mental health issues can have a long lasting, sometimes lifetime, effect on you.

I always talk about mental health, and mental ill health (there is a difference!).  I facilitate Mental Health First Aid courses, and I am passionate about removing stigma, and opening up conversations. Feel free to comment and create discussions. I love to talk. M x


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